Emelie Sködt
Satserup 5234
242 95 Hörby

0768-90 90 96

My name is Emelie and I live in Hörby (south of Sweden) together with my husband Martin, our sons Isak & Noah and our dogs.

Our dogs are familymembers and are attending everything we are up to.
The dogs are practising obediance and bloodtracking.

I have plan with my breeding, I want dogs that are eager to work,
I want them to have their primitive instincts left in hearding/tracking
and I want them to fulfill the breeding standards.

Of course are all my dogs healthchecked before breeding.
We check dysplasia, their character (mentalytest) and their workingability.

I'm a member of the Swedish Kennel Club (SKK), the Swedish Briard Club (AFBD),
the Swedish Dogo Argentino Club (DAK) and the Swedish Club for working dogs (SBK).

If you want to know more about the breeds or if you want to meet me and my dogs,
don't hesitate, please contact me at amisajamais@gmail.com

My educations
- Obediance instructor, SBK
- Special course about puppies learing ability, SBK  
- Special course in tracking, SBK
- Lic. IMMI- instructor
- Course in puppies development at Kolmården, with Ingrid Tapper
- Course young dogs development, at Kolmården with Ingrid Tapper
- Dog psychologist